Customer Success Stories

Get Flatz, Pune, MH

Get Flatz, a web based realtor, provides unified construction and estate broker aggregation management system online. Jooji's web portal framework that integrates into the people and resource modules powers their online web site that caters to managing their sales leads, properties, customer support and internal employee / staff that work on various projects.

Pristine Projects Pvt. Ltd, Bengaluru, KA
Realtor - Construction

Pristine Projects Pvt. Ltd. a 25+ years company purely built on Trust & Credibility, has serviced a large number of customers over the years. One things that Pristine always wanted to do is add Value to the service they provide for their Clients. Today with Jooji's CRM & Productivity Management Tool (PMT) today Pristine's Clients & Employees are at one place to as to offer a Synchronized service to delight the customers. Pristine with the guidance of Jooji Team is embarking on a new journey aimed at providing a world class service to their Clients.

Meera Designs, Hydrabad, TS
Professional - Fashion Designer

At Meera Designs a Hydrabad based Fashion Designs firm, we have used services from Jooji since June 2014. Jooji has not only helped us get our business straight but also provided invaluable recommendations to our future growth through their inovative software solutions. Today we depend completely on Jooji for our strategic direction and robust business solutions offered on the cloud.

Vinja Constructions, Bangalore, KA
Realtor - Construction

We are a construction company with projects in progress at 3 different cities in India. To better manage our workflow, we were looking for a suitable software product. We subscribed to Jooji Cloud ERP with JJFinance, JJTask and JJBOM Modules. We are using Jooji ERP Product for the past 6 months and we find it extremely useful and efficient. Our workload has decreased considerably and we are now able to concentrate on more impending business issues.

Vulcan Constructions, Bengaluru, KA
Realtor - Construction

Vulcan Constructions with over 24 yrs of rich experience in Civil Contracting, Construction & Interior design has been an ardent user of Jooji's Software Solution since the last 12 months. Vulcan today manages their Finance, Sales & Purchases using the Software Tool which integrates these three modules with ease. Being on the cloud platform the Software application gives the flexibility for Vulcan to access the data from anywhere @ anytime, thereby saving a lot of time & machinery to manage the infrastructure. More importantly they are able to utilize their smart devices to access their business data.

Villageveda Trust, Tirunelveli, TN
Non Profit - Special School

We are a Non-profit organization and provide vedic education to school kids in South India. We have trained and motivated teachers who teach the traditional wisdom to kids at young age. Most of the volunteers who are computer savvy work remotely and we were looking for a cloud based solution to track our receipts and payments. We approched Jooji Software Solution, that had an affordable easy to use solution. They were able to customize the solution to our need in just under 48 hours and we are in business. Above all, we get valuable customer support from Jooji Software solutions. We decided to subscribe Jooji's jjFinance and jjPeople to track our books and our students and voluteers. We are able to get all the reports that are needed to file tax and we are been a happy customer since Nov 2013.

Sri Swami Poornananda Ashram, Sri Sailam, AP
Non Profit - Ashram

We are a Non-profit organization. We were maintaining all our transactions in a paper based ledger. By using the paper-ledger, we were following a cumbersome accounts-maintenance task. We were contemplating on using software for our accounts management. We were fortunate to use JJFinance from Jooji Software Solutions for our accounts. Since the product is provided in the Cloud as a Software-As-A-Service, we were able to focus entirely on accounts maintenance and were not worried about IT maintenance, back-up, storage and other issues.

Bala Enterprises, Chennai, TN
Manufacturer - Production

Bala Enterprises, we are an ISO 9001:2008 company, one of the largest manufacturers of various kinds of High Mast Lighting, street light pole, octagonal pole and panel board. With the cloud based Software Solutions from Jooji we are able to manage our purchases and sales invoices, compute sales and service taxes, track our Employee/Contractor leaves and run payroll with ease. Their customer support is very quick in bringing us to speed by providing apt solutions and train our people.

Apurva Innovation, Bengaluru, KA
Traders - Modular Kitchen

Apurva Innovation has been designing & creating innovative High end Module Kitchens for a variety of Customers over the last 20 yrs. Apurva's primary motto is to have delighted customers where the home dweller spends most of their time of their life, dishing out a variety of dishes from the Kitchen. Yes, if Kitchen is the place where their customers spend time, we wanted Apurva to spend most of their time in innovating the solution for their customers rather than just spending time of getting inquiries. Jooji's Customer Relationship Management (CRM) has helped Apurva manage their customer inquiries from anywhere across their two outlets or from their homes.

Krisam Automation, Bengaluru, KA
Manufacturer - Job Shop

Krisam Automation caters to assembly line automation engineering that focuses on improving the productivity by reducing the rejection and rework, and there by improving the quality. Jooji Software Solution is been very instrumental in supporting their complete back office automation - starting from BOM based out of CAD based software, procurement, inventory, project and time management sub systems, financial, purchase and sales accounting. Krisam is able to seemlessly manage the outsourced work orders and complete the project well within the target with Jooji's purchase module. Jooji's Sales lead sub system helps in getting more customer conversion by easing out the process invovled from a lead to delivering a quote.

Esteem E-Technologies, Chennai, TN
Trader - Electronic Equipments

Esteem E-Technologies is one of the leading computer people engaged in sales, services and solution provider in IT industry all over Tamil Nadu. With Jooji's complete business management solutions involving sales, purchases, finance, task and inventory with people management sub system they are able to focus more on the business, without having to spend cycles on back office maintenance such as customer databases, invoice generation, manage inventory, streamline procurement and bookkeeping across multiple locations.

TSS Hospital, Sirsi, KA

TSS Hospital, a 160 bed multi specialty rural health and human service providing hospital to help rural communities and other rural stakeholders, is run by a trust that comprises of Farmers' Representatives as Trustees. Jooji Software Solutions provide able support to the hospital in out patient registration, doctor appointments, lab services, pharmacy, inventory management and billing. The solutions covers the in patient services, wards and bed management including booking and billing with TPA and insurance, financial accounting and other housekeeping management systems

MVR & Co., Bengaluru, KA
Professional - Chartered Accountants

MVR & Co. a 25+ years old Chartered Accountants Office manages their official Tasks for all their employees & apprentices on a daily basis using the powerful Jooji's Employee Productivity Management tool. The simple way of entering, tracking & managing the tasks make the users & manager's life very easy & less cumbersome. One of the primary objectives of this Employee Productivity Management Tool is to identify the time taken for the completion of the tasks & to trigger the billing requirement for all those billable tasks. Not just MVR & Co. any organization looking at leveraging their time & people would be highly benefited by this simple & yet powerful software tool.