Inventory Module

Inventory Module

Inventory Module

Inventory Module


  • Track material across multiple hierarchy of stores and in transit
  • Reserve material for a particular Project / Sale Order
  • Costing based on FIFO / LIFO / Weighted Average / Actual Cost
  • Automatic Order generation based on Reorder Level and EOQ / Minimum Order Quantity
  • Tracking based on Expiry Date / Manufacturing Date / Batch Number


  • GRN capture based on Purchase Order / Purchase Invoice with purchase module
  • Capture Quantity Received / Rejected, Price vendor details in the GRN
  • Issue Tracker for Rejected Stocks
  • Expiry Date, MFG Date and Lot / Batch Numbers
  • Custom Attributes
  • GRN based on Rate Contract
  • Prepare Purchase Invoice based on multiple GRNs
  • Sales Return


  • Create Indents directly or from Sales Order / BOM / Work Order
  • Convert an Indent into a Back Order
  • Creation of PO from Indent

Inventory Costing

  • Costing based on FIFO / LIFO / Weighted Average / Actual Cost
  • Inventory separately accounted as WIP / Transit / Finished Goods
  • Each stock movement can be optionally accounted with financial transaction

Store Layout

  • Store layout in terms bins / bays can be specified in a hierarchial manner
  • Material can be received directly to specific location
  • Movement across locations can be recorder to track the material
  • Items in GRN and Issues and DCs can be tagged with the location for easy access

Delivery Challan

  • Delivery challan based on Sales Order, Sales Invoice or Rate Contract
  • Ability to invoice multiple DCs at a time
  • Check uninvoiced DCs

Physical Verification

  • Dynamic Physical verification - Need not be done for all items at one go
  • Automatic passing of adjustments for approval
  • Summery of adjustments for review and control of pilferage
  • Automatic accounting entries for variation if required
  • Product Catalog & Price Master - import product catalog, categories, assign taxes, duties and cess. Period wise price master and discount master can be loaded at any time
  • Import - Opening Stocks
  • UOM Calculator - on the fly unit of measure calculations - convert from one unit to another unit
  • Barcode Support - Barcode based products managing in store
  • 2 Step Approval for all transactions - Sales executives or counter professional can use the system and create all the voucher/invoice while a senior accountant or manager can review, make changes if needed and approve them
  • Role based access control and system audit trails - The access to various transactions is very fine grained and can be controlled at each small transaction level for each user
  • Personalized Stationary - Delivery Challan, Indents and GRN can be customized and branded with your stationary needs. Generate PDF files, notify by email or Text
  • Reports - Custom Inventory Reports
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