Traders Solution

Traders Solution

Traders Solution

Traders Solution

The challenges faced by the traders and their distribution channels are unique. You need considerable amount of planning, effort and investment to manage the key constituents such as agents, retailers, logistics, procurement, inventory and finances. Jooji's integrated business solution for traders and distributors allows you to focus more on your business growth aspect by providing you easy and simple way to manage it.


  • Customized Purchase order to capture various product details
  • Tax invoices
  • Payment schedules
  • Accounts payable
  • Buying pattern and price comparison
  • Supplier Vendor management


  • Order processing
  • Invoicing & multi currency support
  • Duties and taxes
  • Inquiries and quotations
  • Rate contracts


  • Designed for Efficient and quick Billing
  • Separate Cash register for each POS
  • Simultaneous Invoicing/Stock Issue/Financial Posting into Books
  • Support for credit sale


  • Goods receipt
  • Transfer advice
  • Delivery Challans
  • Warehouse management
  • Physical verification


  • Very simple and can be created by unskilled users
  • All can be accessed through the day book by an expert to review and approve
  • Support documents like bills can be attached to the vouchers for review and audit
  • Repetitive vouchers can be copied to create new vouchers
  • Bulk vouchers like salary vouchers employee wise can be stored as templates and used for subsequent months

Taxes & Documents

  • Financial accounting
  • Tax forms
  • Regulations documents
  • Easy to Use - Non accounting professional can use the system and create all the transactions while a senior accountant or manager can review, make changes if needed and approve the transactions
  • Controlled Access - The access to various transactions is very fine grained and can be controlled at each small transaction level for each user
  • Real Time Reports - Current status like cash position, pending payments, receivables due can be accessed by anyone in the company who has access with the click of a button
  • Access From Anywhere - from home, form hotels when you are on tour; Work need not wait because you are not in office.
  • Multiple Locations - can be managed easily since everyone can share the same data.
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