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Customer Support

The main goal of our customer services is to assist customers to implement our solutions in a cost effective and timely manner. The services cover the technical aspects from commissioning of the proposed solutions, training the appropriate staff members, troubleshooting, maintenance by periodic updates and decommissioning. As most of our solutions are tailor made and individualized to a customer environment, each customer is assigned a dedicated engineer, assisted by a support staff by us or from our partner channels. We support this effort with an assistive support portal where customers can log and track the tickets.
  1. commissioning / decommissioning the solutions — create admin access, setup authorization, customization of vouchers etc.
  2. initializing the solutions — importing master and transactional data from your pre-existing system, exporting data of our cloud for verification; we also support a complex ETL based complete migration solution
  3. providing special backups other than the regular daily backup
  4. help troubleshoot a situation with the solution — on the phone, on the email, on the screen sharing sessions and / or by visiting the customer premises
  5. consult on various special purpose business analytics reports to help you identify a need for such reports — provide inputs on various pivots and parameterizing the report based on the data from any / few or all of the modules on the cloud, that you can take up with us on a joint development engagement

Change Control

In any organization transitioning from one environment to a newer solution will have change management challenges. Any implementation is as effective as the ability of the stakeholders of your organization to adapt. With all our experience implementing to our customers so far, we say, arguably the biggest of all stumbling blocks is the effort involved in use of the system with minimal learning curve. Our presentation layer is focused on providing the best possible human computer interaction by providing flexible customized look and feel to the end users. No matter how much technical support and training that we provide to the user to use the system, it is ultimately the technical ability of the user that makes transition seamless. We understand this. Through our highly customized presentation layer we are achieving this goal by constantly listening and learning on the issues.

  1. We suggest the Prepare-Plan-Deploy-Support paradigm for change management process.
  2. Any change in the organization can go through only if the staff members involved in the process find it enhancing their productivity to cost ratio.
  3. We support deploying our solutions to run parallelly with the existing one; we provide a complex ETL based complete migration solution with your existing system
  4. Encourage to make effective use of our assistive support portal that addresses the need of individual user increasing the user confidence
  5. As a consulting solution, we provide process re-engineering assistance, best practice principles to the existing business processes towards process redesign — on the optimal time in which to conduct redesign as it relates to implementation of our solution.
  6. In addition, we would not only suggest best possible chart of accounts, but also sub ledger redesign approaches on various liability and asset heads like, accounts payable a/c and accounts receivable a/c to better leverage the capabilities of the system in order to meet your overall financial tracking and reporting objectives through our novel analytic reporting tool.


We suggest taking the best of both worlds when it comes to training from

  1. end user training, and
  2. train the trainer approach

Depending on the size of the team and the team's attrition rate at your organization, it becomes difficult to manage with the end user training approach. For large team even with a healthy 3 to 5 % attrition rate, assuming a quarterly training for the end users will mean the system is underused. On the other hand, train the trainer approach has a long learning curve since the knowledge transfer in the beginning stages will be not as effective as it would be down the lane. We suggest end user training approach initially and gradually migrate to the train-the trainer approach.

We would have three layered model or two layered, depending on the delivery models such as SaaS (Software As A Service), private cloud and as standalone, when it comes to training.

  1. One at the systems level that would involve checking health of the hardware, taking backups etc.
  2. The second at the data entry user level who would use the system widely to punch the data in.
  3. The third level of users are the decision making management team members or domain experts who need to understand the cause and root of the data.

Training materials will be included, pertaining to the solution that you have opted for, along with the server deployment or commissioning as the case may be. For helping the train-the-trainer approach printed materials will also be provided. In support of this, trainers will attend webinars and other web tools to learn on the methodology we recommend for effective and easy training of the staff and stakeholders.

Extract Transform and Load

We provide data conversion and migration consulting services — the Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) services to safely and completely transfer data from existing legacy systems into our cloud system. We assist you in the conversion of both electronic and manual data. The support engineers will coordinate the effort bringing in enough inputs to organize — dump the data that are extracted from current systems — provide means for you to specify the metadata to enable us to do the data scrubbing and data preprocessing. We will coordinate the effort in checking for the migrated data validity and sanity checks for your management team.

Stemming from the experiences doing ETL for other major clients, we suggest retaining the legacy data source for future reference. We recommend ETL of basic masters, followed by key transactional elements. Depending on the implementation need we recommend loading the running data at the end. The binary data would just be transferred without any transformational rules.

Joint Development

The pace of software and information technology growth of late has been tremendous. Should your business intent and direction do not allow you to be on the growing envelope, you do not have to fret. You can find a good partner in us to just meet your business goals. You have a great idea and wanted to get a quick working prototype or POC - engage us on the development - we build you the vertical on our cloud platform leveraging the existing product lines. With our cloud application platform and the pre existing products you can get a jump start by outsourcing your software needs from time to time.

  1. Start by specifying the parties and their responsibilities and obligations, terms and schedules, financial risks and potential liabilities, and post termination rights
  2. Describe the purpose, process, scope and get the NDA signed
  3. You own the complete ownership of the IP rights; no partial ownerships and residuals - you pay our licensing fees of our platform and for the development effort
  4. You get to do potential transfers of rights — you can develop further with any other vendor or in-house in the future; sub license without any restrictions; will do a escrow source code release

Marketing Site Development

Marketing website or internet / digital marketing can mean many things, but to us it means a system that can measure the effectiveness of the marketing campaign. You may have best internet marketing team that increases your reach online connecting you with new prospects. When it comes to finding the ROI on each campaign, you are as good as your ability to measure. The website that we develop help you stay focused on your marketing strategy, by integrating it with our people / CRM module to get you enough data on generation, conversion, expenses and revenue straight from your books.

We do site development using Jooji's content management tool using simple PHP tools from scratch (like the one your currently on). We do not use any off-the-shelf CMS tools. We do help customers who cannot get their heads around various site building CMS tools, but our marketing site is tightly integrated with our sales lead, customer management system and many more from our products line and provide various insights and reports.

  1. We do not provide any domain registration, certificates, hosting of any sort — we suggest through our partner channel to befit one for your needs.
  2. You take complete ownership of the content including the logos, images and other multimedia that is served from the server
  3. We do planning, design the structure of the content optimized for various search engines, programming for custom data capture and content delivery
  4. You already have a web site developer or you yourself are one, you can still make use of the platform using simple easy to use ReST API calls to integrate the key data capture forms and get relevant reports from Jooji's cloud.

Some of the key aspects that might interest you:

  • To know how popular your site is — Page wise visits, with a 30 day moving window average comparison, number of hours site is being browsed
  • To know about the traffic to your pages — Most popular pages, how many referrals you got from which search engine (search engine effectiveness), geographic traffic distribution - from where you get the traffic on the globe
  • To know how effective your website is as a marketing tool — number of enquiries categorized, products queries with comparison with your own statics over the past periods of time
  • Hints to optimize your content — devices, OS, browser types used to view your pages, the URLs on which the error pages are served out
  • Integrated lead generation site using ReST API — the possibilities are endless, check and assign sales engineers, send quotes and track progress and engagements on every campaign, convert leads and take orders, send invoices, update books and generate expense revenue reports sales engineer wise, product wise, region wise, campaign wise and what have you.