Finance Module

Finance Module

Finance Module

Finance Module


  • Expense Voucher, Money Receipt
  • Journal Voucher
  • Contra Voucher
  • Easy Petty Cash Voucher
  • Restricted Voucher
  • Advanced (Multi-account head) Voucher & Receipt
  • Multi-party Voucher (Eg. Salary JV)
  • Voucher Template - repetitive vouchers
  • Scan and attach bills, checks and other documents
  • Bulk vouchers & Period voucher schedules
  • Financial Audit trail and collaborative comments
  • System Audit trail


  • Real Time Posting of all financial Transactions transactions
  • Real Time Trail Balance, Balance Sheet, Trading P & L, Cash and Bank Book, Purchase Books & Sales day book and other reports such as Receipts & Payments for non-profits
  • Complete drill down features from top level reports to individual books to individual vouchers and attachments and audit logs
  • Day book View, review (auditor logs) and approve vouchers
  • Search Filters for all the reports, drill down to individual transactions
  • Sub Ledgers on accounts for detailed tracking by opening a separate book
  • Multi Currency support and maintaining of non-base currency balances
  • Tracking profit/loss due to currency fluctuation

Tax Compliance

  • Specify multiple duties/taxes/Cess
  • Cess can be specified as a percent on any tax
  • Attach taxes to a common or individual head of accounts for automatic posting tracking
  • Ability to specify separate IN/OUT accounts
  • Detailed service and sales tax report for filing

Bank Reconciliation

  • Update bank statement in the system
  • Get Funds Available, Book Balance,Funds Receivable in Transit and Funds Payable in Transit for today and any back date
  • Get transaction wise details for funds in transit

Purchase Accounting

  • Pay Advances/Payments and accept Receipts for a Purchase Order
  • Automatic and Manual posting of Purchase Invoices
  • Tracks debits/Credits per Purchase Order
  • Roll up Purchase Order level debits/credits into Account Paybles at Vendor level
  • Manage Payments/Invoices for a Purchase Order and close Purchase Order when done
  • In the absence of a Purchase Order manage accounts at Purchase Invoice level
  • Credit & Debit Note for Quantity, Price variations and other changes
  • Aging of Accounts Payables — integration with purchase module
  • Supplier Current Accounts

Sales Accounting

  • Accept Advances/Payments/Receipts for a Sales Order
  • Automatic and Manual posting of Sales Invoices
  • Tracks debits/Credits per Sales Order
  • Roll up Sales Order level debits/credits into Account Receivables at Customer level
  • Manage Receipts and Invoices for a Sales Order and close Sales Order when done
  • In the absence of a Sale Order manage accounts at Sales Invoice level
  • Credit & Debit Note for Quantity, Price variations and other changes
  • Aging of Accounts Receivables — integration with sales module
  • Customer Current Accounts

Cost & Profit Centers

  • Multiple Cost/Profit/Revenue centers to tack center wise Costs, Profit and Revenues respectively
  • Centers can be hierarchical so amounts can be tracked at child level and also rolled up to parent, grand parent etc.
  • Analytics allow multi level analysis of accounting data
  • Lifecycle management
  • Multi level sub ledgers
  • Dimensional analysis

Quick Start

  • Designed for quick set up and ease of use
  • Chart of accounts and Transactions can directly be imported from existing systems
  • Ready made Chart of accounts for standard industries
  • Accounts can be merged, realigned and split into Sub-Books
  • Opening balances for all accounts heads and parties can defined easily
  • Simple design to enable High School pass-outs to make transactions
  • Features for senior accountants to review, change and approve transactions
  • 2 Step Approval for all transactions - Non accounting professional can use the system and create all the transactions while a senior accountant or manager can review, make changes if needed and approve the transactions
  • Role based access control and system audit trails - The access to various transactions is very fine grained and can be controlled at each small transaction level for each user
  • Personalized custom reports - Current status like cash position, pending payments, receivables due can be accessed by anyone in the company who has access with the click of a button
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