Purchase Module

Purchase Module

Purchase Module

Purchase Module

Procurement Process

  • Drive complete procurement from BOM or Sales Orders(SO) or Stores
  • Tracking the procurement for a BOM or Sales Order at all levels like PO/Invoice/GRN/Issue etc
  • Estimate/Compare the cost based on historical prices, budgeted prices or actual prices for BOM/SO/Project
  • Track free items from store and buy only additional items
  • Track the complete process from RFQ to GRN
  • Completely integrated with Finance and Store modules
  • Attach Payment schedule to PO's and Invoices

Request For Quotation (RFQ)

  • Raise RFQ to multiple suppliers
  • Generate from BOM, Sales Order(SO) or Indent
  • Items automatically transferred from BOM/SO/Indent
  • Track Item Project-wise/Sales Order wise


  • Create Quotation from RFQ/BOM, Sales Order(SO) or Indent
  • Auto populate details
  • Comparative statement for all Quotations
  • Amendment to Quotations
  • Build Supplier Base
  • Track Prices per Supplier & Period
  • Auto Generate Purchase Order

Purchase Order

  • Generate from RFQ/Quotation/BOM, Sales Order(SO) or Indent
  • Prices can be taken from Price Master or BOM or edited during creation
  • Auto populate details
  • Item Level Comments
  • Order Amendments
  • Pay and Track Tax Invoices
  • Manage Terms & Conditions both from the template and on individual order

Tax Invoice

  • Generate directly Sales Order(SO)
  • Can also be generated from delivery challans
  • Automatically calculate taxes and cess
  • Choice of Price Master
  • Multi Level Discount
  • Tax & Cess Calculations
  • Custom Charges
  • Track Multiple Payments finance module

Supplier WO

  • Project-wise Orders from RFQ/Quotation/BOM, Sales Order(SO) or Indent
  • Attach Multiple Documents
  • Track and maintain work order logs
  • Pay and Track Multiple Payments finance module

Rate Contract

  • Rate Contract for products limited by Time period and Quantity
  • Manage Tax Invoices, payments, advances by auto generating from the contract

Hire Purchase

  • Schedule Supplier Payments
  • Track Interest with Interest Suspense or Cash Price method
  • Manage Penalty Amount and Penalty Interest Paid finance module
  • Product Catalog & Price Master - import product catalog, categories, assign taxes, duties and cess. Period wise price master and discount master can be loaded at any time
  • UOM Calculator - on the fly unit of measure calculations - convert from one unit to another unit
  • Credit and Debit Notes - generate item wise credit or debit note
  • 2 Step Approval for all transactions - Sales executives or counter professional can use the system and create all the voucher/invoice while a senior accountant or manager can review, make changes if needed and approve the them
  • Role based access control and system audit trails - The access to various transactions is very fine grained and can be controlled at each small transaction level for each user
  • Personalized Stationary - Quotations, Invoices and Orders can be customized and branded with your stationary needs. Generate PDF files, notify by email or Text
  • Supplier Login - Create logins for all your Supplier/Vendors to view their quotations, invoices and payments
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